Why Cruising Is a Great Way to See the World

Cruising lets you see the world, relax and be entertained in an easy, all-inclusive way over a few days, weeks or months, based on your preferences. Cruises take you to several extraordinary locations with less time and cost than if you traveled between each by air or car. And the practicality to enjoy so much and only have to unpack once offers incomparable convenience and comfort. Make your travel worth more, cruise the world with unparalleled benefits and savings privileges.


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Ocean Cruising

Set sail on the open seas aboard a floating resort complete with exquisite dining, luxurious suites and entertainment and activities galore. Once you dock, you’ll step off the ship onto a tropical paradise or historic European port where you’ll have the opportunity to explore and discover new cultures, relax on warm, exotic beaches or join one of many excursions to satisfy your adventurous side.

River Cruising

Gaze upon quaint towns and beautiful countryside as you glide down a river in Europe, Asia, Africa, Egypt, Russia, China or the Americas. Drift into port and escape to new lands as you are immersed in cultures that you have never experienced before. Later dine aboard ship as you discuss the days events with fellow travelers and enjoy local fresh foods and fine wines.

Caribbean Cruises

Caribbean cruises evoke images of sand, sea and sun, but cruising the Caribbean is so much more than incredible beaches. It offers adventure, prime shopping and plenty of entertainment aboard ship. Whether choosing an Eastern, Western, Southern, or Exotic Caribbean cruise, you’ll find an immense amount of activities for all ages. On land, choose to explore on your own or take advantage of excursions that include everything from hiking ancient Mayan ruins to swimming with the dolphins. You’ll never be bored at sea either with water slides, cooking classes, a sky diving simulator, numerous restaurants and more.

Mediterranean Cruises

Sail upon the open sea aboard a luxurious cruise liner with amenities galore to the magical lands of the Mediterranean. Relax poolside aboard ship and when you reach land, emerge onto the Greek Isles adorned with hillside towns of glistening Greek architecture under clear blue skies or drift through the Grand Canal of Venice on a gondola. The Mediterranean has so much to offer whether you’re on your first cruise or your twelfth. It provides a diverse and varied amount of sights and experiences for every traveler.

European River Cruises

See the picturesque European countryside drift by as your boat meanders down one of the many rivers of Europe. Make daily stops at quaint towns and key cities that allow you to explore the culture of these lands from a different perspective. At night, rejoin your mere hundred or so fellow travelers to discuss the days activities over a freshly prepared meal with fine wine of the region being poured by attentive servers in an elegant dining room with amazing views of the European countryside. Discover the nuances of the European river cruise and all they have to offer.

Alaskan Cruises

A popular cruise for Orca whale sightings, Alaskan cruises provide an impressive look at the natural splendor of the north. From drifting icebergs to native Indian culture and the occasional wildlife sighting of grizzly bears or caribou, the wilds of Alaska are a sight not to be missed. While a far cry from the warm, sun kissed Caribbean cruises, these cruises offer a completely different experience that will bring you closer to nature while providing the comforts and convenience of a floating resort.

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